Continuing education credits are important for members of our A&D community.  Knowing that your time is valuable, we have prepared a list of available CEU's from our Manufacturers and Contract Source Group.


contract seating is changing (sit on it)

The environments in which we work, learn, heal and relax are evolving dramatically; as technology and innovation reshape interiors and the furnishings within them.  SitOnIt Seating, in partnership with Interiors & Sources, has developed an exciting, informative one hour CEU course on the changing nature of seating today.


Make seating healthier (sit on it)

Health and wellness is now among the most influential trends shaping the architecture and design industries. As the focus shifts to human health, the relationship between seating and wellness takes center stage.  SitOnIt Seating, in partnership with Interiors and Sources, has developed an exciting, informative one hour CEU course: Making Seating Healthier: Optimal Seating Solutions for Health & Wellness.

SOI CEU2.jpg

NEW CEU Credit Course | Information Overload: Strategies for Achieving Balance in a Digital World.

We have partnered with interiors + sources® to offer you a NEW, one-hour CEU course on finding balance in today’s gadget-happy workplace. Explore the history of technological innovations, its effects on the modern worker and learn strategies on how to deal with multiple people/projects/pings that compete for your attention minute by minute.

Learning Objectives:

- How did the Digital Revolution start?

- What is “digital overload?”

- How has technology changed work and the workplace?

- What design trends counterbalance digital overload?

- What easy steps can you take to counterbalance your digital exposure?

Credit for this course will be accepted by the Interior Design Continued Education Council (IDCEC), American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), International Interior Designers Association (IIDA) and Interior Designers of Canada (IDC).

Claridge ceu.JPG

Turn workspaces into idea places (Claridge)

The possibilities are endless when colleagues work together to solve problems and complete projects. The task of creating spaces that foster idea sharing lands in the hands of the individuals who design workplaces and keeping up with the flood of changes is increasingly difficult. This course sets out to help you understand the opportunities and challenges of creating the spaces that invite collaboration by looking at today’s writing surfaces.