Established in Michigan, Contract Source Group serves our vast community of Contract Furniture Dealers and our Architectural and Design firms, while remaining a PROUD Michigan company!

Located in Bloomfield Hills with a support location in Grand Rapids, Contract Source Group is a customer-driven representative of the finest contract furniture manufacturers for commercial, healthcare, hospitality and office markets.  We are strategically aligned with our furniture manufacturers and partner dealers.  Our survival and longevity are a tribute to our determination to succeed.  Striving to match quality and value to our individual customer’s needs, we have acquired a reputation for complete customer satisfaction.

Maximizing our efforts and creating opportunities, yields results!

our team

Mike Bramson, Principal and POCS

Mike has assembled a team of individuals, committed to the success of Contract Source Group and the lines of furniture that they represent.  With 25 years of experience in the contract furniture industry, his expertise is beyond compare.  Feel free to give him a call at any time if you have a question or need to pick his brain about products or industry issues.  If you want to know … POCS stands for Purveyor of Cool Stuff.

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Born and raised in Michigan, Michael developed a love for hard work and cars!  Working with A&D firms allows him to pursue his passion for unique spaces that consistently push the envelope of creativity.  A graduate of Michigan State University, Michael has worked for dealers and manufacturers both in Michigan and in Chicago.  But as a true car enthusiast, the Motor City is home!  Michael joined the Contract Source Group team in 2015, focusing on building relationships within the A&D community; and bringing with him our youngest team member, Enzo. As of January 11, 2019, Michael has also completed the rigorous training required to become a Certified Professional Manufacturers Representative (CPMR).

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Nick Bramson, Sales Representative

Nick joins our family business after several years in the contract furniture dealer market. These years have allowed him to establish strong relationships in both the Dealer and A&D markets, which should serve him well as our newest Sales Representative in the Detroit market. An avid golfer, when he is not putting on the green, he is an excellent resource for information on all the products represented by Contract Source Group.  Joining Nick at the office is his rescued Labrador Retriever, Jill.  She adds another canine personality to our lives and the office, and we are certain you will see her in social media along with her cohorts Jack and Enzo!

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Tom Brasseur, Sales Representative

With almost 20 years in the hospitality industry, Tom’s customer service skills are well-honed.  He first joined Contract Source Group on a challenge from Mike Bramson – that he could turn anyone with excellent customer service skills into an incredible sales representative.  Tom accepted the challenge 4 years ago, and Mike won the bet!  As a native Michigander, graduate of Michigan State University, and avid sportsman, Tom connects with his clients both professionally and personally; partnering on projects to develop ideal solutions.

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Theresa Brasseur, Office Manager


Theresa has been with Contract Source Group for over 10 years, managing the office efficiently and effectively.  She is enthusiastic about solving problems and working with our customers to find the best solution for any situation.  Theresa enjoys the variety of tasks and challenges presented to her, working with our team.  She is a supernova of organization and structure with the uncanny ability to work a shaggy-dog story into any conversation.

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ANNE MARIE REDOUTEY, SALES and marketing assistant

Enlight - Anne Marie.jpg

A native Detroiter, Anne Marie developed a strong work ethic at a young age, working at her family’s business at the Eastern Market in Detroit.  Her job description was “whatever needs to be accomplished today” and to do it quickly with a smile!  Though new to the contract furniture business, she spent many years in marketing in the banking industry.  The perfect background for her role at Contract Source Group that has her doing a myriad of activities including sales, administrative work and marketing.  Anne Marie is passionate about form and function, and enthusiastically supports our team to help us grow our success.

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Jack bramson | Enzo ciranna | jill Bramson

Some days it may seem like we run a doggie-daycare, while selling contract furniture!  In reality, we agree with the numerous studies that have demonstrated that pets in the workplace contribute to stress reduction, teamwork, improved health, and overall employee satisfaction.  Honestly, having our dogs here in the office with us, just makes for a happier work environment!

Introducing the four-legged members of our Team:

Jack is our flagship canine.  He is a black Labradoodle that successfully trained his owners, Mike and Laurie – Bring Your Dog to Work was Jack’s idea!  He roams the office greeting guests and testing the furniture, content to work for belly rubs and ear scratches.

Enzo is our youngest pooch, but our second addition to the office.  He is a French Bulldog with more energy than the rest of the office combined!  Enzo loves testing furniture, tug-of-war, and supervising his owner, Michael, while he is working under the hood of his cars.

Jill is a rescued Chocolate Lab, and our third addition to the office.  Incredibly affectionate, she is our princess and enjoys perusing Interior Design magazine at the office with her owner, Nick, when not testing lounge furniture with the boys.

If you ever need a little canine affection, please come visit our office … the humans don’t mind.  And if dogs make you nervous, don’t worry, we can contain them in Mike’s office – it’s a good way to contain him too!