Continuing education credits are important for members of our A&D community.  Knowing that your time is valuable, we have prepared a list of available CEU's from our Manufacturers and Contract Source Group.


Carnegie CEU Webinar Calendar

Join the Carnegie Creative and Leadership Team as they present one of our AIA & IDCEC approved CEUs as a webinar for earnable credits.

Click the link below to see the full calendar and select one to sign up.


contract seating is changing (sit on it)

The environments in which we work, learn, heal and relax are evolving dramatically; as technology and innovation reshape interiors and the furnishings within them.  SitOnIt Seating, in partnership with Interiors & Sources, has developed an exciting, informative one hour CEU course on the changing nature of seating today.


Make seating healthier (sit on it)

Health and wellness is now among the most influential trends shaping the architecture and design industries. As the focus shifts to human health, the relationship between seating and wellness takes center stage.  SitOnIt Seating, in partnership with Interiors and Sources, has developed an exciting, informative one hour CEU course: Making Seating Healthier: Optimal Seating Solutions for Health & Wellness.


inside out (six inch)

Inside Out is a course designed to stimulate both architects and designers thinking about how to activate green space on behalf of forward thinking clients.  The course is designed to stimulate thinking around how work and place have evolved over time.  The chief aim is, through research, to demonstrate a need for balance between our love of technology, and our natural surroundings.  The course is designed to provide real life examples and alternatives that drive corporate design toward embedding cultural values with corporate mandates around nature and productivity.  All while supporting wellness and reducing absenteeism.


can't hear yourself think? how textiles can help with acoustics (carnegie)

Acoustics are as important as aesthetics in interior design. To design spaces with only the visual in mind risks creating environments that are emotionally cold or functionally inadequate. What we hear affects our unconscious, changing our moods, our behavior, and our performance. This course will teach the basic reasons of why acoustics are important, how to discuss acoustic needs with a fabricator, and how to pick textile products that will enhance acoustic and aesthetic goals.